Branding is more than just a logo

As a business owner, it’s important to understand that to better market your products/services it’s essential to have a cohesive brand ecosystem. The initial investment will save your business time and money in the long term.

Branding is more than just a logo

Branding begins with the fundamentals

So your business idea has become a reality. You’ve consulted with a brand strategist who has helped you through the process of working out a plan, and now you’re at the ‘I feel like a need a logo’ stage. A reaction is to say to a graphic designer "I just need a logo", only to discover as soon as you start to market your business you need much...much...more.

Your logo is only one element of your brand ecosystem

So what is a brand ecosystem? It’s a dynamic, cohesive system that includes a strategic plan, brand messaging (a copywriter may help), a brand identity guide and the identity elements such as logotype, symbol/favicon, icons, typography (fonts), top level photography and/or illustration - through to the styling: colours, hierarchy, design aesthetic for different media. All of it combines to create that cohesive feeling 'vibe' that you get.

Become involved in the process

As a business owner you invest a lot in doing business, so it makes sense to be a part of your brands’ identity process. Perhaps you’ve got a vision in your mind, or not…either way a collaborative process, along with a thorough design brief (this doesn’t mean telling your designer how to design) will help form the identity for your business. If you’re more of a hands on type you could even collaborate with your designer using a digital tool such as Milanote to pin images, ideate, work out what you like, and what you don’t, to add notes, and constructive comments during the project.

Find the joy in branding

Be authentic, be brave. The joy in branding is discovering its ability to truly represent your business, remove the noise, bring your team together and through visual and verbal communication bring your business to life.

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