How to use your brand after the excitement of the project has faded

It's important to understand how to use your brand after the excitement of the project has faded. Growing your business as a service brand takes more than just a 'new brand' it requires a support system enabling its use in order to realise its full potential for growth.

How to use your brand after the excitement of the project has faded

You’ve made an investment in your business with the hopes of growing it. You know, leveling it up so you can ramp up your sales, attract better customers and have a business brand you’re proud of. 

But now the warm fuzzies of the big brand launch have faded. and things have gone back to normal. That is, the old normal and you think, ‘I thought it would be different.’

When a turnkey brand is not so turnkey

When given a turnkey brand, it’s understandable that you expect to have something that will continue to deliver a return on your investment with your brand agency. But, just as if you’ve been given the keys to the car of your dreams, you still need to know how to drive it.

If your outcomes for the rebrand are to grow your business, it’s a case of not knowing what you don’t know. Design agencies often don’t see past the end of the project and assume that you know enough about marketing, and have the people in place to use this turnkey brand.

Who’s going to be in charge of the new brand

When you’re at the point of your business where you have busy staff working with clients, no one has the time, energy or know-how to consistently promote your business. You need to find the right team member who has an aptitude and self-drive for social media or marketing and has the time to spend working on it. 

Ideally, this person would have been a part of the brand process with your agency, but if not, start with talking to them about the brand objectives, goals and the solution you’ve paid for.

Why “outsourcing” marketing to an outsider may not be the best fit for your business

As a business selling a service, it’s essential that you remain authentic to your values and culture. When you outsource the marketing the ability to be authenticmy be compromised. Instead, consider contacting your brand agency and talking to them about if they have a subscription service that can help you upskill a team member into a marketing role. That way you don’t just invest in your marketing, but you’re adding an essential tool to your business capabilities.

Understand how your brand strategy weaves into your business strategy

When talking with our clients, we often interchange the words ‘brand’ and ‘business’. This is because when one grows, so does the other.

So it makes sense that the mindset around rolling out your business strategy needs to be around getting things done, or working on the business, as does the brand strategy rollout. Both require a plan, followed by a practical to-do list of tasks to complete and measure.

Don’t keep your brand agency at an arm's length

Talk to your brand agency about their options for a continued relationship with you. Do they have a subscription-type model where you can continue to collaborate with them at a strategic level, and ensure your new brand marketing role is also supported by creative professionals? This brand support model ensures you know what you’re going to pay each month, but also makes them accountable to you to keep things moving forward so that you can continue to grow.

How we can help

We have brand growth solutions for businesses that sell their services, just like yours. If you are thinking about growing your business you can talk to us or visit this link to see how we could work together.

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