Cosmetic specialists become product sales experts - GMC Cosmedical

Enhancing the cosmetic specialists' approach to business by establishing eCommerce, and strategic online communications.

Cosmetic specialists become product sales experts - GMC Cosmedical

Based in NSW, Australia. GMC Cosmedical is the cosmetic enhancement specialist who uses the latest non-invasive and surgical techniques to dramatically or subtly enhance your natural features. For over 30 years GMC Cosmedical enhancement specialists have been producing exceptional in-clinic results. You discover the best of both worlds, expertise in 'cosmetic' and 'medical' to really address those skin/body concerns. A holistic approach to qualified solutions. Procedures include laser treatment for photo rejuvenation, facial skin resurfacing, removal of capillaries and pigmentation, wrinkle-smoothing injections, wrinkle filling and skin treatment, cosmetic dermatology, skin cancer care, hair regrowth, removal of veins, permanent hair removal, and more.

We were provided with a logo and a basic, existing website as a starting point. We began with a strategic workshop to help us understand the clients' positioning and to define the objectives for the project. We then worked through the process of content structuring to create a cosmedical (cosmetic/medical), responsive (mobile friendly) website featuring CMS functionality - allowing us all (GMC in Australia, and us in New Zealand) to update content remotely. A significant milestone was the cosmedical content and to ensuring it was able to be understood by clientele researching treatments. Aesthetically, the website is clean in design with the brands' blue accents. Human connection was added through curated imagery. Supplied imagery of skin/body concerns to help the user research treatments and possible outcomes. Traditional print media such as branded stationery, and a clinic brochure for clinicians to give to clients, for those who prefer the more tactile nature of a printed brochure.

"Commonsensical has been instrumental in expanding our capabilities in product sales. Amanda's strategic advice and the dedication to learning about what we do, and why we do it resulted in a website solution that surpassed our expectations. We continue to work closely with the Commonsensical team as we evolve the website and grow our business" Madeline Calfas | @gmccosmedical

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