Creating opportunity for urban gin crafters - Curiosity Gin

A collaborative effort by the brand squad along with the distillery team, to rediscover their sense of curiosity - the nature in which the business began. Revealing a refreshing new look and feel, and helping create an opportunity for growth.

Creating opportunity for urban gin crafters - Curiosity Gin

Curiosity Gin is an award-winning, New Zealand small batch gin. We were introduced to the 'o.g.' (original gin) in the Curiosity Collection, Recipe #23. It took 23 recipes to discover this premium 'grain to glass' gin, and it was well worth the journey. Described as a contemporary style gin with a  New Zealand twist. Distilled in-house starting with Canterbury grain and finished with 11 botanicals including a generous helping of East Coast Manuka, fresh citrus, and Otago lavender.

First, the brand squad began with the question 'How Curious Are You?' a tasting session progressed into brainstorming the look and feel for the persona. Words such as adventurous, harvest, warm, glow, knowing, spice, savor, and enveloping came to mind. The resulting look and feel was a collaborative effort by the brand squad, and the distillery team @curiositygin

Reminiscent of a historic campaign, but with more of a contemporary feel. We reintroduce the human eye element, with the hero gin Recipe #23 in the foreground. To evoke the feeling of curiosity, connection, and spirit. All puns intended ;) The campaign launched with billboards in Wellington and Auckland.

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The distillery team at Curiosity Gin collaborated with the Commonsensical brand squad throughout ideation. A key contributor to a successful brand is the teams' commitment to embracing their refreshed marketing direction, which they did, and we're so excited to see the evolution of this locally produced, award-winning New Zealand small-batch gin.

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