Let go of the brand habits that are holding you back

Is your do-it-yourself process holding you back? By letting go of behaviours that are hindering your brand (and by knowing the difference) you will grow your brand and business.

Let go of the brand habits that are  holding you back

They say that necessity is the mother of all invention. It has long fueled the can-do attitude of small businesses, but this attitude can only get us so far. Whether it’s habit, the belief that no one else can do it better, or a feeling of attachment that comes from doing what you’ve always done…it’s only a matter of time before the behaviours that got you this far may also see your growth level out.

Here are a few behaviours that by simply dropping them and getting help, could turn your growth trajectory back up.

You feel no one ‘gets’ your business as much as you do, that’s why you do your marketing yourself

If you’ve ever struggled to get your designer, web developer or marketing agency to express who you are, it’s likely not because they don’t ‘get you’ it’s actually because you’ve not been properly led through a process to find that message. If no one else gets your business then you need to start with why they don’t get it, and not get distracted by doing it all yourself.

You’ve become a self taught Canva wizard to save money

You are technically capable and so in order to save in design and marketing costs, you’ve spent considerable time and energy learning Canva. However the issues that may be holding you back are twofold: 

One, Canva is like being a kid in a candy store…with so many pretty designs choosing what will accurately represent your business becomes time consuming, inconsistently styled and often misaligned with your brand.

Two, and this is the big one, you’ve got so caught up in what you like in the templated design, you’ve not even considered what the customer actually wants to see. 

You believe what makes a successful business is it can offer everything to anyone

Your marketing has been saying ‘all’ the things that you do, and perhaps it is now holding you, and your business back. Time to focus in on offering just three key solutions when discussing your business. That’s it, three. With all the noise in this digital era customers just don’t have the time or the mental capacity to take in the traditional format anymore. If you’re finding it challenging to refine your key messaging, ask your strategist for help.

You think you understand your customers

After all, you solve problems and provide solutions on the daily. But consider this, the client in front of you, so they’ve figured out that have a problem and you can solve it for them now. Transaction complete. So in order to grow your business, you may need help to invision how to cast the net wider, to a market that doesn’t know they have a problem (yet) so that you can prepare to engage and present a solution for when the opportunity arises.

You tried using a design agency once, but it was an expensive exercise and it didn’t work

You’ve briefed your agency's Account Manager, and then disappointed with the designs, you assume it’s because of the designer. It’s actually from not being a part of the process. It’s time to ask your strategist and the designer to work more collaboratively. Ask questions, get help determining a direction for your marketing, and equip your designers by ensuring you’ve got strong, clear brand messaging in place…an essential component of your brand ecosystem.

Or, perhaps you’re the type of business that sees their accountant once a year at tax time, and view your design and marketing the same, like a one-off expense. However, a ‘one-and-done’ approach doesn’t allow for dynamic marketing which adjusts as it’s measured, reviewed and reported.

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