Taking ownership of your brand is the first step towards growth

You’ve got this far in business without a formal plan, but now it's time to level up.

Taking ownership of your brand is the first step towards growth

Fundamentals are not just a strategy

When discussing fundamentals, you may think all you need is a 'strategy'. This perception that you only need a strategy in business to succeed overlooks the need to understand your business, the fundamentals actually start well before you put pen to paper and deep dive into a business plan template.

Look how far your gut feeling has gotten you so far? Pretty good, huh?

You’ve done well, relayed on your capability as a business professional and skillset to build your business. And it’s worked! What’s got you this far is a lot of experience - often classed as a gut feeling. It’s this gut feeling that drives your business and ignites that passion as to why you do what you do. So to then dull the edges of this energy by putting your ideas into a formal plan can be, well, soul-crushing. Or does it?

Levelling up takes more than a feeling

You do need a plan, but it doesn’t have to be the dry, bound type of strategy fit only for a the purpose of a loan, or to keep your business coach happy. This is where brand fundamentals come into play. These fundamentals becomes the thread that ties your strategy to your vision, helps you to see why systems are needed, and then gives you the words to spread that passion.

The reason a design misses the mark

The brand fundamentals are what drives your designer, web team or marketing people to really engage with your brand and provide a creative solution that is really you. The fundamentals become the rock solid foundations to produce any advertising, promotion, or website. If a design is not adding value to your business it’s because the foundations of your brand have not been laid properly.

Making sense of your business for your customers

When it comes to levelling up your business it’s important to know how to help your customers ‘get’ you. A commonsensical approach is to help you change how you talk about your business. When we talk about branding that makes sense it's not about making sense to you, but making sense to your customers.

Take responsibility to grow your brand

Collaborate with a trusted strategic partner and up skill you and your team during the process, you’ll all feel invested in what you’re representing which is essential to growing a sustainable business brand. By simply handing off your brand project or campaign to a traditional agency, the initial excitement ‘ooo it’s so shiny’ quickly fades, much like with a retouched car…new paint job but still the same old mechanics under the hood.

Taking responsibility for your brand is about more than just marketing, it’s about your people taking ownership of what your business is, starting with your ‘why, and making sure to show up at every step of the branding process.

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